Timely and effective product service & delivery

Service & Supply Chain

We can guarantee a good service


We take care of everything regarding delivery- and quality assurance so you don't have to. How? Take a look!


To ensure the right cargo gets to the right place with each delivery at the right time, we work with a service strategy containing in/out-orders, demand-orders and permanent replenishment via Warehouse and Software EDI.

Quality control

We maintain the best quality throughout every stage of the manufacturing and distribution of our products by monitoring every step. This way, we keep living up to market expectations with the right licenses to back us up.

From where, to where

Supply chain

Our shipments from Asia, the Middle-East and Europe arrive in the harbour of Rotterdam in container terminal 1 and 2. From there, they are shipped to Tilburg in the Netherlands; also known as the textile-city of the Low Lands and a logistic hotspot. This is where they arrive in barge terminals near the Wilhelmina Canal. This is the point from which we can dispatch and deliver to the whole of Europe: from the smallest packages to the biggest orders.